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Dec. 6th, 2011 | 07:20 am

I decided to sleep in the guest room last night. (I like to alternate sleeping locations, kind of like a cat ~ not sleeping in the same place all the time but having favorite spots).

The closet in the guest room is where the cat box lives... we keep the sliding mirrored door open just wide enough for the cat to go in and out.

Before bed, I noticed the closet door was closed. "That's weird" I though "I don't remember closing that door... the cat won't be able to do her business like that". So I opened it back up.

In dream land, I was in this same house and about to go out somewhere with Mat (my good friend who owns this house). As I'm going to flush the toilet, I notice blood on the back of the commode. As I look, there is actually a LOT of blood. I look up and it is dripping from the ceiling... and there is a rough outline of a body length and width, in blood. I call Mat over and we're both looking at it with confusion.

The dream changes and we're watching a little blond girl being dragged up a set of stairs (in a different house) by her hair. I cannot see who is dragging her. The little girl is screaming for her life. As we are watching this, we turn into different people and a whole new seen unfolds. Mat is a guy who makes pottery. The pottery is very unusual looking. He is setting up a heist with another man and the scene changes again to a grocery store that they work for and are going to rob. The other man usually ties up Mat's new identity as part of it. But something is wrong. Mat doesn't want to go through with it. I don't seem to have a body and go into the grocery story and become an old woman. I use her body to go in the back of the story and bother the other man. He has a scary face.

The bathroom where the blood was dripping from the ceiling is the room right next to the one I was sleeping in. When I woke up, that mirror door was shut again. It's all very eerie and strange... yet, I didn't feel scared at all.

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