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Two Dreams

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Nov. 8th, 2011 | 07:17 am

The past couple of days have gone back to being dreams about being stressed out or mild nightmares. Today I had two dreams that broke out of it a bit...

A.) I'm at a family event and there is a toy train but it has all these cool features that make it seem more like a real train. At certain places on the track, the train is signaled to play different sound bytes that make it seem like a real passenger train going from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara, as well as other places in California. At some point the train gets to the dining room/kitchen and runs out of track so I go to look for food. Someone is telling me where the squash and something else are. I think my aunt was the person.

B.) In the second dream I'm taking part of a huge ceremonial collaboration. There are people from Eden there as well as JR Packhorse. I begin a Siva Lingam puja and JR starts to mock me. Everyone else follows, as if they do not respect me or my spiritual practices. At first I want to become angry but something in me says to just be cool and keep going. So I get up and move near to different people before each pouring of water over the lingam, chanting softly and peacefully, without allowing the disrespect of others to interfere. JR gets up to leave and the others become quiet, almost as if they do no know what to do or are slightly afraid, like they didn't expect me to hold me ground and don't know what to do now. I continue on and chant slightly louder, as I normally would, while the others stay and watch. The cat woke up me up soon after.

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