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the Resort

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Dec. 25th, 2009 | 11:56 am

I dreamed of being at a fancy resort with hot springs. I'm in an auditorium with Brian and Anne when I get my period. For some reason I'd embarrassed us all by checking my pants there with all the people around. I go to the bathroom to take care of my situation. The bathroom seems to be endless. It is dark, cool, earth tones... each stall door just leads to another room with more stall doors. Finally I find one that leads to a toilet but it is outside on the edge of a pond, not far from a hot spring tub near by with young couples having a good time. I am trying to fumble through process of putting a pad in my underwear and my feet and clothes get wet. At some point, a man named Mark shows up. I have a crush on him in the dream and follow him to a bedroom where his girlfriend is waiting for him. I act innocent and roll in bed with them naked but trying not to impose myself or over step my bounds.

When I woke up I felt some powerful energy sent to me from other people, especially from Mark. Loving, healing energy. It coursed through my body like a gentle flow. And although I'm still a week away from menses, it felt like it would happen today. Weird.

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