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Stranger and Stranger

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Nov. 12th, 2009 | 08:34 am

Dreaming memories were many from the night before...

Mostly I was a blond woman on her honeymoon to a blond man. We both had blond hair and dark eyebrows, were medium-heavy build, and in our early to mid 20s. One of our mothers was with us, I am not sure who's she was. She was represented by Peggy, Brenda's mom (someone I know in the waking world).

We leave the resort room and I'm tired but he talks me into going down to the beach. I walk outside of a door and my cat is playing on a grassy area off the beach. She is afraid and there is a dog and bunnies. The dog is bigger then her, white and shaggy. He looks like he wants to eat her so I picker her up in the nick of time.

Then it is night and the husband and I are doing hand stands in the sand and I'm not very good at them - very out of practice. Then we decide to go eat and go on a boat ride. The restaurant kitchen is off the beach. Instead of food, there is a loading machine that handles cd-sized wafers. The machine is simple and requires being put over an air suction to function. It has two levels. I am suddenly the husband and am responsible for loading the wafers. I see one in the pile that is red - like a hot lot. So I stop the loading machine, taking it off the suction pad. This causes a big problem and the head chef yells at me that the food will not get out on time now.

Then the husband is hang gliding with Kanye West - except this is a white guy who is a hang glider instructor. And now I am him. The glider is a two man glider - one on each side. For some reason the husband decides to come over to my side and we start to fall. I'm yelling at him that he needs to go back over but he doesn't seem to get it and thinks my fear is amusing. I'm yelling and yelling and he doesn't care. As we are nearly about to crash he climbs back over and suddenly we are floating, light as a feather down to the ground. After we land in a parking lot off the beach, there is a shopping cart with a miracle child (girl) in it. She is surrounded by big, beautiful butterflies.

So that is today's dream. It seems mostly like a bunch of nonsense except the part where I freak out because I'm afraid I'm going to die. In the waking world I assume my reaction would have been even more pronounced but this had an interesting moral to it - things are not always what they seem.

I went to bed early last night, but mostly by accident. My roommate was drinking heavily and I did not want to talk to him after his friend's left so I laid down to pretend to sleep but they were all here later then I expected so I accidentally fell asleep and woke up around 8:20am.

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