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Theft is the reward

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Oct. 31st, 2009 | 11:36 am

I dreamed that I'm peddling on my bicycle down near Baseline and Hardy when some crime is being responded to by police. They cannot get into the apartment complex that the call is at and I'm trying to help them. For some reason I get into the back to help them but as soon as the gate opens, they drive off with me in the back and won't let me out. I'm protesting because my things are just out in the open and will most likely be stolen but they don't care. They want to get the bad guy and won't let my potential petty losses interfere with that. I realize that complaining won't help and so I bide my time. When I get out of the cop car and get back to my stuff, everything seems to b in tact except for one thing... my breaks. Someone has ripped off my breaks and now I must peddle home with no way of stopping. A man who lives in the complex is entertained and starts taking a lot of pictures of me without asking my permission. I attempt to talk to him about it but he is so taken by me (and not terribly bright) that it just becomes another nuisance and I tell him to do whatever with the pictures because I just want to leave.

I woke up feeling relatively good.

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