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Two For One

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Nov. 25th, 2009 | 10:21 am

Two dreams....

A. Me and some other members of my family are being held hostage in my grandpa's house by some young men. I escape into the park and head for a really big playground toy that is on the North side of the park (does not currently exist). I try to run up a slide and find a place to hide myself but one of the men had followed me and I am captured and taken back to the house.\

B. I'm in a mall in the future and it is a rich person mall. I'm walking around and feel in my element. I am rich. A woman meets me and we go into a secret passage way where only certain people can go. Everything is big and beautiful. Even the hallways are extra big. And things seem to happen as if by faerie magick. I get taken to a room with a screen on it. A really sexy man is on the screen. He can see me. This aspect of the dream becomes sexual but I don't remember what all happened. I don't think we ever touched (because he was on a screen) but it seemed as if something really hot was going down.

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