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A Progressing-Toward-Being-Self-Sustainable Dream

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Nov. 16th, 2009 | 10:00 am

I dreamed about being in the middle of getting a new job and a new apartment. By some strange windfall I'd somehow managed to get a three bedroom place that was small but still very nice and had some interesting architectural features. I had gotten a new bed before moving in but the place came with one in the room I decided I wanted to sleep in. The room was very large and perfectly shaped to be both a bedroom and a small painting studio. I wake up for my first day going to a job to find posters on the window for some musical event. They remind me of the ones I use to see all over the Melrose and Hollywood areas of L.A. in my freshman year of high school. Somehow the person who put them up managed to get on on the inside of my bedroom on the window without waking me. How clever. I take it down but am looking at it curiously. There had been another tenant, a guy, who had to move out. I thought to myself that I'd like to be a good person and offer him a room with cheap rent but now he's gone and a different guy with long hair and a ski cap is the one moving out. I am going to invite who ever needs a place for cheap. Julia is there with some other woman, maybe her mom. The home is busy and full of people doing their own things in the morning. I'm dressed for my first day on the job, wearing all white. Julia and the other woman are in my room and we're all doing a yoga dance. Julia and her mom are correcting me on something and (like everyone else) I'm unable to speak clearly enough for others to understand me. Finally I get annoyed and say "Everyone out!" because I want to do my own thing.

I woke up and wanted to sing the alphabet song.

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